Shelley Burns, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
located in Redmond, 10 to 15 minutes from Duvall and Woodinville - 425/844-2103

Couples Therapy


Has the “spark” gone out?

Do you fight more than you laugh together?

Now that the kids are grown, what is left of your marriage?

Can you find a way to be together after an affair?

You used to be best friends.  What happened?

Has an illness or substance abuse affected the quality of your relationship?

People come into therapy with many questions. Most are feeling discouraged after many failures to resolve issues. You also might find you have a sense of embarrassment at finding yourselves in this predicament. Couples often have a long list of complaints about one another.  In spite of all of the above, people come into therapy because they want to stay together and make the relationship work.  We humans are “wired” for connection and relationship.  When we were children connection assured our physical and emotional survival.  This need for connection continues to be true throughout our lifespan.  Our needs are most easily met within a couple relationship and, fortunately, it is within the couple relationship that we can heal old wounds and find fulfillment as adults.

Sometimes we need help to achieve a more mutually satisfying relationship in the midst of the pressures of our lives and the difficulties from our pasts.  One thing I always remind my clients of is that it will take some time to make changes but it will be time well spent.  I will give you ideas of things to try differently at home and some ways to rethink what have seemed to be impossible obstacles to happiness. I will challenge you to consider what you would like to change in yourself in order to be a better partner.  And we will work together to find ways for both of you to feel heard and understood.

I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Shelley Burns MA, LMHC